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I Lost My Virginity In Form 5 – Spice Diana

by Celeb Cloud
Spice Diana in a red crop top and blue ripped jeans

Spice Diana revealed in a very shocking move to everyone that she lost her virginity is secondary school. She say it was in senior five when she ate the forbidden fruit.

Spice Diana is known for keeping her love/sex life very private and apart from rumors, very few know her boyfriend. This might all change as the Jangu Ondabe star seem bolder and more open about her love life.

We wrote an article a few months back asking our readers to tell us her boyfriend. It turned out everyone was clueless and very interested in knowing. The singer has consistently avoided or declined to answer questions about her sex life.

However, during an interview recently, as a shock to many, she gave a straight answer about her sex life. Spice Diana revealed that she lost her virginity is senior five. If you are wondering if she was 18 yet, she definitely wasn’t.

I lost my virginity in Senior Five

Spice Diana

The Omusheshe star went ahead to reveal more personal details about her childhood and how she joined the music industry. The interview was very emotional and many were touched by her story.

See more Spice Diana here.

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