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Who Is Spice Diana’s Boyfriend?

by Escay Sula
Spice Diana on the roadside

Ugandan diva Spice Diana aka StarGyal has avoided this question for so long. Today we are adding our voice to the many fans asking whether she is seeing anyone or not.

Spice Diana is a lady that you would say ‘has it all”. She has the looks, the fame, education and a great music career. Many girls and women would kill to have that. However, its about time we acknowledged the elephant in the room. Is she single or in a relationship?

During an interview with SparK TV recently, Diana did her usual tricks. She laughed when she was asked if she has dated anyone before. She even sarcastically said she had over 8000 ex lovers, thinking the question would go away. Well, it didn’t.

This time round everyone insisted that she tells us. Besides the host, people who followed on social media were asking the same thing. Every one wanted Diana to answer the questions directly and be honest.

Spice Diana in 2019

Realizing she had no way of spinning it this time, Spice revealed a little about her love life. The answer is the closest that the Jangu Ondabe star has ever come to talking about her love life.

My ex-lovers are less than five (5). For that, I can assure you. And am very sure on that because I even want to add on.

Spice Diana

Besides rumors and assumptions, no one has been able to bring any proof of Diana’s love life. The girl is discrete! Every one speculates from photos they see.

Diana was rumored to be seeing Doctor Fizo in her early days as a musician. Fizo was Diana’s first manager between 2013 to 2015. However, no proof ever surfaced.

So, who is Spice Diana’s boyfriend?

Spice Diana

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