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Azawi | Biography, Photos, Music

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Azawi during Repeat It video shoot

Azawi, original name Priscilla Zawedde, is a Ugandan singer, songwriter and dancer. She rose to fame at the end of 2019 with her single Quinamino which became a hit.

Early Life And Education

Azawi went top Buganda Road Primary School and completed her primary level there. She joined Lubiri Secondary Shool for her O’ Level. After Lubiri S.S. she joined St. Janani Luwmu Secondary School and completed high school there. Azawi joined Makere University and graduated with Bachelor Of Commerce in 2019.

Azawi (Priscilla Zawedde) on her graduation day at Makerere University, 2019

Azawi Music Career

During an interview with a local paper, Azawi said she got her first music inspiration by watching dancers and performers at Ndere Cultural Centre. She also joined Kika Dance Troupe where she started as a dancer.

From Kika Dance Troupe, little Priscilla continued to sing in school at St. Janani Luwum and during her vacation got more connections. Important names in the industry started noticing her and her good taste in music lyrics.

Regarding her music and Family, Azawi was one of those lucky ones who get family support to pursue their passions. Her family accepted and supported her dream of being a musician.

I was raised by a single mother, because my father passed on. Life was hard but because my family wanted me to be a musician, they supported me….they allowed me to sing.


Songwriting skills

After finding her way into the music industry underground, the young Azawi, now at university, started writing songs. She wrote songs for artists like Eddy Kenzo, Vinka, Lydia Jazmine and Nina Roz.

According to her narration, Azawi had gone to Swangz Avenue to see the labels bosses about a new song she had written for Vinka. On singing the demo for Benon, they ended up giving her a deal. She was signed by Swangz Avenue that same day.

Photos of Azawi

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