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Martha Kay Nudes Leaked, Scared Martha Takes A Break Off Twitter

by Escay Sula
Martha Kay

Martha Kay is dealing with what we would call the ‘post leak syndrome’ since her nudes surfaced. She has taken a break off Twitter until further notice.

Ever since the internet started buzzing with pictures of the nude comedian, close friends say she hasnt been herself.

Martha’s nudes are a total of five pictures which were obviously taken taken by a second person when Martha was in the bathroom.

According to the camera angles and Martha’s smile, the photos were obviously taken with her full consent and possibly by a lover. This is because the naked Martha was all smiles in the pics and making deliberate poses.

In one of the photos, she sits on the edge of the bathtub comfortably and happily separating her legs, showing a freshly shaved privates.

In another photo she stands and poses naked and smiles for the camera. Another photo, she was standing on the sink and looking into the mirror but obviously aware that the photo was being take.

Several people including fellow comedians have expressed their opinions on Martha Kay’s nude leaks.

Its possibly because of this pressure that black beauty has decided to activate her Twitter account until the dust settle. Other accounts, including her Instagram are still active.

Because of the Uganda Anti Pornography Act 2016, we can not publish the alleged pictures of Martha Kay here. You could see the nude photos from an independent publisher’s website on this link .

See Martha Kay’s Photo Gallery (Normal Photos)

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