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Geosteady Will Name The People Behind The Nabweteme Saga

by Escay Sula

Geosteady aka Blackman is back on his feet after being shaken by the Nabweteme child saga. He claims to know the people behind it and will name them soon enough.

The Owooma star revealed this in an Instagram post in which he said he sees and smiles with the person who tried to destroy him.

The Nabweteme Saga shook Geosteady and threatened his name, accomplishments and family. It however came to a swift conclusion after he went for a paternity test and proved the woman wrong.

Geosteady has promised to go public with the names of the evil people who crafted the whole saga to destroy him.

The smile I give to someone who wanted to send me to the streets, someone who wanted me to loose my career, someone who wanted me to loose all I’ve hustled for, someone I’ve once shared fun moments, someone who wanted my family to suffer,someone so evil and hypocrite. I know you and it’s a pity you dealt with a legit artist. 
Will mention them with time. 

Geosteady aka Blackman
Geosteady aka Blackman

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