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Rapper Bey T Accuses Tanasha Donna Of Stealing Her Lyrics

by Escay Sula
Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna has been accused of stealing lines by another upcoming Kenyan rapper Bey T. This comes just weeks after Donna’s first song was released.

In a post on her Instagram, Bey T claims Tanasha Donna should stop wave riding after copying her phrase “Kenya to the world”.

Fans however expressed different opinions in comments with some siding with Tanasaha Donna and shooting back at Bey T.

On learning about the attack, Tanasha fired back, accusing Bey of hatred and bad blood in the music industry.

Too much hate in this world. Jealousy is a disease. They’ll start beef over a phrase they think they invented when it has been used by so many artists in the 254,
What’s wrong with this world though? What happened to empowering one another?

Tansaha Donna

Bey T - Kenyan rapper
Bey T – Kenyan rapper

According to Bey T, she wouldn’t be concerned if a real artist or anyone else in the crafts industry used the phrase. However Tanasha Donna has not convinced her that she means business and using the line is an insult.

Bey T is a young rising Kenyan rapper with song like If They Dunno, Bad Bad and Facetime. Her music is mainly in English and raps on urban Hip Hop and RnB.

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