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by Escay Sula

Isaiah Katumwa is a Ugandan jazz musician, saxophonist, TV and radio presenter. His sensational saxophone has made many people fall in love with jazz music Uganda. Besides the saxophone, Isaiah is a recording artist with several albums and singles as wells as a radio and TV presenter.

Introduction to the saxophone

Isaiah is a self-taught instrumentalist who learned the saxophone at a tender age. He says his first saxophone was given to him by his guardian in the 90s.

Because he had never seen a saxophone before, young Isaiah spent time trying to figure out the simple instrument. After some time he mastered the saxophone and started playing it in churches since he was a religious man.

Rise to the music scene

Isaiah started performing in 2001 but he went mainstream in 2006 after releasing his album Sinza. He became popular worldwide after being featured on the BBC’s Focus On Africa show. Isaia has since released several albums and singles and held solo performances in Kampala.

Isaiah Katumwa Discography

  • 2001 Will Worship You
  • 2002 Saxo Hymns
  • 2003 We 3 Kings
  • 2004 Sax Worship
  • 2005 Celebrate Africa
  • 2007 Coming Home
  • 2009 Another Step
  • 2010 Sinza Too
  • 2011 African Smoothy

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