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Princess Latifah Dangote

by Escay Sula

Name: Latifah Dangote
D.O.B: 6 August 2015
Mother: Zari Hassan
Father: Diamond Platnumz
Nationality: Tanzanian | Uganda
Residence: South Africa

Princess Latifah Dangote is the first daughter of Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz and Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan. She was born on 6 August 2015.

Prince Latifah, also know as Tifah, is among the 10 most followed kids under 10 on Instagram in the World as Of May 2019. She is by far the most followed child on Instagram in Africa with 2.2M followers.

Latifah Dangote is also the brand ambassador of several kids wear houses and stylists. Her Instagram account is filled with professional photos of her personal life and brand endorsements.

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