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PHOTOS: How Zari Hassan Has Remained HOT Up To Now

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Zari Hassan would be the perfect example of immortality, if it was a real human condition. Since it isn’t, well she is definitely the perfect example of an ageless woman.

Since her emerging on the socialite scene in the late 2010s, Zari has remained an in-house name. When you talk of nice looking women in East Africa, you have to mentions her. But thats not why we are writing about her today. Not at all. There are very many nice looking women around. So what makes Zari HAssan special?

List the hottest women, the list will be long. List the hottest women with 5 kid, your list will shrink, if not disappear. Zari, a mother of five, can still appear on the list of very hot women. Which leads to our question; what is she doing so right?

Zari the Wife, Mother, and Socialite

When the late Don Ivan Ssemwanga separated with the mother of his three kids, most people couldn’t believe when they kid. We were used to Zari on the social life but had no idea the kids were that big! This is when questions about how old Zari started coming out. She looked so HOT to be the mother of the three lads. You could agree accept if someone introduced them as her brothers.

The year was 2013 when rumors of Tanzanian star Dimond Platnumz dating Zari started making rounds. The age difference a bit unusual but one thing made everyone forget about it – Zari and Diamond both looked hot. We started imagining how it could look like. Zari dating Diamond Platnum! Hard to imagine. Well, we did imagine it. We even witnessed it, and enjoyed it.

When Diamond and Zari moved in, the an imaginable became an enjoyable scene. The two looked hotter together. With Zari’s experience of the celebrity status, she disnt fin hard time settling in Tanzania. The people loved her too. Diamond’s status in East Africa was uplifted and more fans of Zari from Uganda accepted Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan

While everyone thought this was a simple celebrity romance for show off, it turned out to be the most serious relationship Diamond Platnumz has had up to now. It was real husband and wife and maintaining celebrity status. It was a power couple.

Zari and her magical womb continued to surprise us. Two beautiful babies – Princess Tifah and Prince Nillan. The most important part is she continued looking as hot as ever. Five kids and still a magically hot. Zari Hassa The Boss Lady is an ageless woman.

Zari Hassan Photos 2020

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