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Alicia Nassolo

by Escay Sula
Alicia Nassolo

Alicia Nassolo is a Ugandan model and actress. She made her runway debut in 2012 right after her high school and is one of the most versatile models in Uganda to date.

Modeling career

After high school in 2010, Nassolo, a young girl with passion for modeling, started venturing into the fashion industry. By 2012 she had established ties with several people in the business and received some guidance and training.

My first runway was in club Rouge, Stiletto party with Tracy Borah

Alicia Nassolo

After her debut in 2012, Alicia Nassolo went on to become a relatively popular model among her generation. This was mainly because of her versatility an uniqueness.

Because of her curved body, Nassolo’s appearance makes her a unique model easily recognizable on the runway.

Alicia Nassolo for Beryl Qoture at ASFA 2018

Alicia Nassolo Awarads and recognitions

In 2015 Nassolo was nominated in the Abryanz Style and Fashion Award 2015 for the upcoming model of the year. However, she did not win the title.

Alicia Nassolo’s Photo Gallery

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