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How Khalifa AgaNaga Is Desperately Using Fresh Daddy For A Music Come Back

by Escay Sula
Kalifah AgaNaga and Fresh Daddy

Faded singer Khalifa AgaNaga must be in a very desperate situation to the extent that he would use Fresh Daddy in an attempt to come back to fame.

A few months ago, AgaNaga revealed to his fans that he had political ambitions and was specifically targeting the Lubaga South parliamentary seat. This is currently occupied by Hon. Kato Lubwama, a fellow artist.

Most people saw this as an escape from the currently hot music industry but AgaNaga showed signs of seriousness and when people doubted his credentials, he posted his A Level result slip and his performance was great. He also went on a re-branding campaign, reintroducing himself as a responsible young man in preparation for the campaign season.

All of this, however, as it turns out, was a mere publicity stunt. His latest actions show that AgaNaga was actually looking for relevancy. This has become more evident from his shameless effort to ride on Fresh Kid’s popularity by using his dad (Fresh Daddy) to gain fame.

Its only a shameless artist that would ride on an infant’s fame for his own gain.

We all agree that Fresh Daddy is not a musician! Far from it. But its funny that Kalifah’s label, Bad Character Records continues to insult the image of Ugandan music by releasing garbage as songs. An image that has taken years and years of hard work by Ugandan Musicians and other players to build.

The first one was Amazike, whcih wasnt actually a song but some ‘attempt to be relevant’. AgaNaga tried to push it, making the old man embarrass himself all across the media.

They have now released Obucupa, a similar low quality production, lyrics and voice. This is even more insulting because it was done in the well respected Reaggae genre and in a very popular Riddim.

This is one of those times that we would expect those so many musician organisations and unions to stand up and talk about this madness and protect whats left of the Ugandan Music industry.

To be continued!

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