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How Eddy Kenzo Has Remained Relevant In Quarantine

by Escay
Eddy Kenzo in Ivory Coast, May 2020

When Eddy Kenzo was locked out of Uganda during the COVID-19 lockdown, most of us thought it was us thought it was over for him musically. Imagine two months of not appearing on any news channel! he also felt so bad having to spend the entire lockdown in Ivory Coast.

Fast forward two months later, it seems it has done him more good than harm. He did not only survive in Ivory Coast but also thrived.

A month before the COVID-19 pandemic tightened its group on the planet, Eddy Kenzo had released a sensation; Tweyagale. It was released on the sunset of Semyekozo, another hit.

Tweyagale became a phenomenon and its YouTube views kept rapidly climbing everyday. By the time it made one month, it had 2 million view. After Tweyagale the official video, the Sitya Loss star released Semyokozo Dance video. This featured the Masaka Kids Africana dance group which pushed the popularity of Tweyagale further.

Today the Tweyagale song has a total of 36 million views both the official and dance videos. Its is by far the most popular song during the lock down and actually this year.

Eddy Kenzo for his case accepted his fate in Ivory Coast and he went from lamenting to posting inspiration. All during Ramadhan, the singer’s posts have been positive and very inspirational.

Eddy Kenzo in Ivory Coast, May 2020

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