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Big Eye Loses Car, Resorts To Boda Boda

by Celeb Cloud
Big Eye wearing a white Puma T-shirt

Big Eye must be regretting the day he decided to become political. Ever since, his professional and personal lives have never been the same. The latest news on the block is that the Indicator singer sold his car and is now using boda boda.

Big Eye had a dark green Toyota Noah up until recently when sources indicated he had sold it and boda boda’ are his new was of getting around. It’s hard to imagine how things must be, given that boda bodas are not allowed to carry people.

When contacted for comment on the rumors, Big Eye said he sold the car to complete his house. Celeb Cloud can neither confirm nor deny that he is building are house.

I was desperate to finish my house. I had to sell the car to buy building materials

Big Eye

The singers troubles started way back in 2019 when event organizers started denying him performances on big shows. Later that year people started throwing him bottles whenever he stepped on stage.

Close sources say the ever since his professional life was jeopardized, his private life has also not been the same. Due to very limited performances at the end of last year, the singer has bee struggling with bills. To add insult to injury, the COVID-19 pandemic paralyses the entire music industry, his only source of income.

Big Eye wearing a yellow tshirt and yellow cap
Big Eye

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