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Anita Beryl

by Escay Sula
Anita Beryl - Ugandan haute-couture and wedding designer

Anita Beryl Ahikiriza, also known just as Anita Beryl, is a Ugandan fashion designer, fashionista and entrepreneur. She is the the founder and creative director of the luxurious fashion house and wedding boutique Beryl Qouture.

Background and education

Anita was born on 11 January 1986 to Jean Ahabwe and Reverend Eammanuel Ahabwe in Bushenyi district, western Uganda as the firstborn child of her parents.

She attended Masheruka Modern Primary School for primary and Bweranyangi Girls’ Senior Secondary Shcool for both her A’ and O’ level. After Bweranyangi, Anita Beryl joined Uganda Christian University, Mukono, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education.

Anita Beryl attended the UberGlam School of Fashion Design in Gauteng, South Africa for her fashion studies. She also attended the SChool of French Fashion in Dubai, UAE.

Anita Beryl at Ladies First Conference in Kampala
Anita Beryl at Ladies First conference in Kampala

Fashion career

Anita was a teacher trainee during her undergraduate studies at Uganda Christian University and is said to have not liked the teaching profession. After her her fashion studies in South Africa and UAE, Anita Beryl opened the Beryl Quoture.

Anita’s label, Beryl Quoture has showcased in several fashion events in Ugandana, Africa and all over the world with most noted ones including Accra Fashion Week 2016 in Ghana, Swahili Fashin Week in Tanzania and the WOrld Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

She has also won several fashion awards in Uganda and east Africa and been nominated in many more.

Anita Beryl during a fashion event in Kampala
Anita Beryl during a fashion event in Kampala

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