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Malaika Nyanzi: Thriving In COVID-19

by Escay Sula
Malaika Nyanzi

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all industries hard and changed lives of us all. Some of our favorite celebrities in Uganda have gone from start to beggar. Malaika Nyanzi, however, isn’t one them. The sweet-voiced Capital FM presenter has just thrived during this hard time.

A simple look at Malaika Nyanzi Instagram account will tell you everything you need to know about the Angel. You will be welcomed by professional hot shots of Nyanzi that you can scroll all the way back to February 2020.

Malaika is a greater fashionista and among the only few that have kept the eyes of fashion enthusiasts entertained through COVID-19. He shots a mixture of African and other modern attires that blend perfectly with her slender body.

Street Fashion Blended With Street/Outdoor Photography

Taking advantage of the quiet and empty streets, the start went on a photo shooting spree through April and May that left many addicted to her daily posts.

To the many fans locked at home in their houses, the very few celebrities who managed to keep them up to date with the industries they love did a great job. Malaika Nyanzi is one of those stars. She not only survived but thrived in COVID-19.

See Malaika Nyanzi Photos Through COVID-19

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