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What Should We Expect In Sheeba’s ONKUTUDDE Video?

by Escay Sula
Onkutudde by Sheebah

Sheebah Karungi aka Queen Karma has been releasing teasers of her upcoming video for Onkutudde. What should the fans expect?

With the ongoing beef with Cindy Sanyu, now more than ever we expect Sheebah to up her game. Even before the beef, Sheebah has never had average works when it comes to videos. The Swaga Mama has always gone an extra mile to bring exceptional production quality.

Sheebah’s recent songs Kimansulo and Jealousy were criticized by some music critics as premature releases lyrically. However, the video for Jealousy was fantastic. Most people blamed the poor lyrics on the Cindy beef pressure.

Sheebah and her video models in Onkutudde
Sheebah and her video models in Onkutudde

Unlike Kimansulo and Jealousy, Onkutudde was a project Sheebah did on her pace and seemingly with a lot of love.

We expect Sheebah to push her limits even further in this because the Queen is under attack. This could be the most stylish and expensive she has shot in years. Crazy dance moves and never-seen-before costumes will dominate the video. This will be her message that she is QUEEN. Just wait and see.

The video is coming soon but social media has been flooded with teasers, both photos and video clips. The teasers are from both Sheebah and her production crew. Fans have been left wondering when exactly is the video coming out.

The Queen has successfully put her fans and everyone who care to follow in an eager mood to watch the video. Whether its because of the Beef with Cindy or just a new marketing strategy, Sheebah is on the right track.

When the Onkutudde video is released, we promise to notify you first! Just stay in touch with Celeb Cloud.

Sheebah shooting Onkutudde video
Sheebah shooting Onkutudde video

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