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Spice Diana In 2019: The Rise And Rise Of A Star

by Escay Sula
Spice Diana

Spice Diana has a silent plan to put herself on top of the Ugandan Music industry and its all working perfectly. She is the artist of 2019, not just the award but the reality too.

When she came too the music scene in 2014 with her song Onsaanula, many didn’t think much of her. There were so many rising and falling artists back then. It was hard to know who would last.

Hajara Namukwaya on the other hand, had everything planned and her ultimate goal was to be at the top.

Setbacks, Humiliations and Comebacks

Spice Diana has had her fair share of set backs and embarrassments. She has been trolled and made fun of by the media.

Among the most notable embarrassing situations was when a TV host asked her about her A Level results. Diana claimed she got 32 points, a result that doesn’t exist in A Level. The whole country laughed her and she was trolled for weeks.

After the “32”, the young star had another embarrassing moment. This was during a stage performance when her wig fell off the head in the middle of a song . Many people thought she would lay low for a while and let it pass. Spice Diana just owned the incident, apologized to her fans and moved on right away. She had show the following few days like nothing had happened. This showed some of us the kind of girl Diana is. She knows what she wants and she is not about to five it up for anyone or anything.

Spice Diana And colleagues at graduation
Spice Diana And colleagues at graduation

Strategic Music Collaborations and Partnerships

Spice Diana knows how to chose her friends and partners in the music industry. This is another factor that has kept artists up or down but many don’t seem to know it.

In her early days, Spice Diana aligned herself with another hot selling star of those days – Pallaso. Their Collabo (Nkwewulira) was a good song that enjoyed airplay and pushed both artist further ahead. The video was also a nice work of art which made more people fall in love with the her.

Besides Pallaso, Spice Diana has always associated with people that matter in the industry. Be them radio or TV hosts, producers, promoters or managers. Her colleagues over the years have included, Gravity Omutujju, King Saha, Daddy Andre, Lydia Jazmine, Doctor Fizol, Weasel and Radio (RIP) and others.

In 2018, Spice Diana teamed up with King Saha, a great writer himself, on Best Friend. This propelled Diana into the momentum she needed to stage a show in early 2019. With other well performing songs like Ndi Mu Love and Twebereremu, the Ndi Mu Love Concert was an assured success.

Spice Diana with Hanson Baliruno (left) and Douglas Lwanga
Spice Diana with Hanson Baliruno (left) and Douglas Lwanga (right)

Spice Diana Star Looks, Public Appearance and Social Media

Does anyone have any doubts about Spice Diana being one of the most followed and influential artists online? This girl has successfully turned herself into a Ugandan superstar. From selected public appearances, carefully selected and professional photos and well maintained social media. Spice Diana is a star.

Having started with a successful concert, one would expect a short break. With Spice Diana, it has been the opposite. She started releasing and pushing new music right after the concert.

Since the Ndi Mu Love Concert, Spice Diana has released Bajikona, I miss You and Jangu Ondabe, all of which have videos and are performing well. She won the Female Artist of The Year Award in the Zzina Awards 2018/19 and nominated for several other categories.

As many Ugandan female artists are fighting (verbally) for the title of number one and relevancy, other wise young artists are doing music. By the time the old giants wake up, the new kids on the block will have dominated the music scene.

For those who thought that Spice Diana was to go as fast as she came, you might wanna re assess the situation. From the look of things, this girl is here to stay and on top is where she is headed.

Spice Diana performing in April 2019
Spice Diana performing in April 2019

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