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You may not know Pia Pounds’ music but you surely know her looks

by Escay Sula
Pia Pounds

Pia Pounds caused a storm in the music industry when she was signed by Eddy Kenzo’s label, Big Talent Entertainment. Many thought that her music was going to be an instat succes, given Eddy Kenzo’s connections and exp[erience in the industry.

One thing that was amazing about Pia Pounds was her superstar looks and style! No one could pretend that they don’t notice! It was because of her loks that rumors started running of Rema being ‘uncomfortable’ with Eddy Kenzo being close to Pia Pounds. Whether Rema was really concerned or it was just fake news, we would never know. But what we know is that Pia Pounds is hot!

Pia Pounds
Pia Pounds during her free time

As its common, talent and style sometimes dont go hand inhand. Many talented musicians tend to lack style and the stylish ones tend to be not so talented.

As of now, many people in the Ugandan music and entertainment industry dont know much of Pounds’ music but most of us know her looks! As it turns out, she intends to keep her style up, whether you know the music or not.

Pia Pounds – Looks of a superstar

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