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Five Reasons Why Sheebah And Vinka Should Avoid Cindy

by Escay Sula
Vinka, Cindy, Sheeba

The ongoing wrangle between Sheebah and Cindy has attracted more participants including Vinka. Here is why Sheebah and Vinka should avoid Cidy at all costs;

We have carefully looked at all these artists’ style of music, lyrics and lifestyles and put down a few reasons why we believe avoiding Cindy is in both Sheebah and Vinka’s best interest.

1. Cindy is a music writer

As much as not being a writer doesnt stop a musician from being great, in this scenario being able to write your own lyrics could come in handy.

Beef is on the heart and thats where lyrics come from. Vinka and Sheebah are good musicians but the fact that they both rely on music writers puts them at a disadvantage in this case. They can not respond to diss songs in time. If they do, its not the way they feel. They respond the way their writers feel.

Cindy on the other hand can speak and sing what she feels because she puts her own heart feeling on paper and sings that. That’s why she is able to respond so fast. Her diss song ‘Copicay’ was released just weeks after Sheebah released Jealousy and Kimansulo.

2. Vinka and Sheebah are in great moments in their careers

Vinka has just landed a deal with Sony Music Africa which will see music pushed on an international or regional level at least. The last thing she needs right now is getting dragged into some local feud. She is much better off dedicating her time to the Sony deal and push her music beyond Uganda.


If she continues with the beef with Cindy, it wont be long before Cindy releases another diss track dedicated to Vinka. If that happens, Vinka may not be able to respond with a diss track as her writers may not be ready for it. This will damage her rankings locally and her confidence and ultimately affect her performance.

On the side of Sheebah, one could say she has been ruling the music industry for a couple of years. By the start of 2019, she was the most formidable female artist in Uganda. From radio and TV stations to night clubs and digital streams and downloads, Sheebah was trending.

As of now, the damage this beef has dine to her career is visible and it has mostly happened in four months (Feb to May 2019). The confident Queen Karma we know has been reduced to a singer defending herself against Cindy now. This is definitely not good for business.

Cindy on the other hand is enjoying all this. In fact, since the rivalry with Sheebah started, her ratings have gone up. She is getting more followers on social media everyday, more airplay and she has the attention of the media again. We have seen several entertainment shows following her from rehearsal to salon, which wasn’t the case a few months back.

3. Cindy has never had trouble dissing on tracks

If there is one thing Cindy can do, is diss people in songs. She is this kind of a rude gal who will destroy someone with words and it will all sound nice to hear to the listeners.

When you hear Sheebah’s diss tracks Kimansulo and Jealousy, for example, you can feel that the quality is much lower from the usual Sheebah. This is because dissing isn’t her thing. Not in a song. She could throw a few dissing lines in a song but not a whole verse, let a lone a whole song.

On Cindy’s side, this is a piece of cake. She is the kind of person that freestyles on Dancehall and Ragga beats in studio just for fun and ends up with a hit song.

When you listen to Copicat and watch its video, you will realize that Cindy enjoys this. Its all a game to her and she does it with no hardship whatsoever.

For Vinka, we are yet to hear how she puts her beef in the song but we have know her in love and party songs. She will have to go out of her style to release a diss song, which will even depend on whether her writers and are up to it the challenge.

4. Cindy is independent, Vinka and Sheebah are under labels.

Even if Sheebah and Vinka were up to the challenge, their actions and responses would still be limited by their music labels.

Swangz Avenue and/or Sony Music Africa isn’t about to let their musician get entangled in diss songs. They have plans for years of which type of music they want artist to be releasing. Even if Vinka wrote her own songs, which she doesn’t, there would be limits to what kind of music the label was willing to invest in, not personal battles.

The same applies to Team No Sleep (Jeff Kiwa) and Sheeba. They dont intend to waste much of the labels money producing and promoting beefs, songs that are meant to play for a few weeks and fade. TNZ would rather concentrate on pushing music that would see their artist become a regional and international star.

Sheebah aka Queen Karma

In this case Sheebah is limited. Even if she were to write her songs, the label would stop her from releasing them.

Cindy, on the contrary, is her own boss! Anything she wants to write, she does. Anything she wants to sing about, she needs no permission from anyone. This is one of those times when being independent is actually good.

Cindy can be recording another diss song right now. As long as there is market for her diss song, she will release them. Its only the fans’ reception that will determine whether she stops firing or she goes on.

5. Cindy is still a darling

many people, Sheebah and Vinka inclusive, had this misconception that people no longer love Cindy. Well, they were dead wrong and most of them found in the hard way.

People still love Cindy, a lot! Because of Sheebah’s trending music for the last four years, one would assume she was more loved. Most of us were surprised when a disproportionate majority of fans sided with Cindy when the Cindy-Shebah Beef broke out in February 2019.

People started dissing Sheebah as soon as Cindy pointed out that she was a poor performer who needed more rehearsals. This must have come as a shock to Sheebah because her popularity was way above Cindy’s.

Even when the calls for a musical battle grew louder, majority of people were on record saying Sheebah stood no chance if she dared accept a musical battle.

This boosted Cindy’s confidence knowing fans still loved, respected and believed in her. It was also comforting to know that people didn’t just consider her good but BETTER THAN Sheebah.

Cindy Sanyu aka The King Herself

One of the people who learnt the hard way that Cindy was still a darling was Vinka. From the day she opened her mouth and commented about the battle, responding to Cindy’s DUMMY insult, fans have kept her at bay.

Cindy has hardly had any time to waste on Vinka, every time the later talked about the former, fans have put her in her place. Vinka has been trolled several times for attacking or responding to Cindy.

This is surprising because people really love Vinka’s music. She has been rising for the last two years. You would expect fans would back her side in this beef but its not the case. Everyone one is with Cindy, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

For all those reasons, it would be a wise decision by both Vinka and Sheebah to avoid Cindy at all cost. In fact they would diverting public attention right now to new things and ignore the beef. because the longer it grows, the more they lose.

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