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The Cindy-Sheebah Beef: All You Need To Know

by Escay Sula
Cindy-Sheebah Beef

The two top Ugandan female musicians, Cindy aka The King Herself and Sheebah aka Queen Karma or Swagga Mama are beefing.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Cind-Sheebah Beef;

How and when did Sheebah and Cindy start beefing?

The first public display of beef was in 2014 when Sheebah claimed she was the queen of the area and Cindy responded saying the queen had a lot to learn.

What is the Cindy-Sheebah Beef about?

Musical superiority. Each one claims to be the best female artist and the other disagrees.

Why dont they solve it in a music battle?

The battle is the point. Cindy says she is ready anytime Sheebah feels like a battle. Sheebah is honestly avoiding the battle. At first Sheebah was unclear but lately she has said that they are different artists and they should each do their style, no need for comparisons or battle. Also, J Kazoora revealed that Magic 1HD tried to organize a battle but was frustrated by Sheeba’s team (TNS) yet Cindy had accepted. Kazoora also revealed that Sheebab turned down 150M for the battle yet Cindy accepted 50M for the same battle.

How bad is it?

The beef is mostly verbal and relatively civilized. Both artists have at least kept it civil with points and responses to one another’s comments and strictly NO INSULTS so far. On many occasions they have referred to each other as SISTERS while responding to one another’s remarks.

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