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Spice Is With The KING’s Side In The Cindy-Sheebah Beef

by Escay Sula
Cindy Sanyu and Spice Diana

Stargyal Spice Diana has finally come out and revealed her side in the Cindy-Sheebah beef. She is with the King Herself!

Spice Diana being one of the most trending female artists right now, many were wondering on whose side she was. Many thought because of belonging to the new generation of artists, she would be with Sheebah. Surprisingly, she isn’t.

There was a time in 2018 when rumors of a growing rivalry between Spice Diana and Sheebah made rounds. This was based on the fact that Diana’s rise paused the biggest threat to Sheebah’s claim to the music throne. Spice Diana has everything Sheebah has plus the advantage of being younger by at least six years.

Cindy’s recent Sheebah diss song Copicat draw battle lines and has shaken the music industry. It has also revealed how dangerous Cindy can be on the microphone if she decides to diss.

The Copicat Riddim

Right after Cindy called upon female artists to freestyle on the Copicat Riddim, Spice Diana was the first to release a song in the riddim. Her song is titled ‘Birungo’. Most people misinterpreted it as Spice Diana challenging Cindy but the truth was she was adding her diss voice to Cindy’s. The song’s lyrics clearly. The most import line is when she said “Am the Queen and the Princess”

If the Spice Dianay-Cindy alliance takes hold, it would pause a major threat to Sheebah. Spice Diana has a tight grip on the new school, which is Sheebah’s last line of defense and Cindy reigns in the old school. This means the Queen will be attacked from two fronts, making the battle impossible for her to win.

Spice Diana

Given Cindy’s Jaimaican-style diss on Dancehall beats, it would be hard for any female artist to dare stand up to her lyrically. This might be time for them to pledge allegiance to the King Herself or keep quiet.

We are keenly watching the developments in the music industry and we promise to keep you updated. Just stay with us.

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