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by Escay Sula
Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica, birth name Shafik Walukagga, is a Ugandan rapper, song writer and singer . He is known for his fusion of Afro and Dancehall to create a unique beat.

Fik was born on 10th January, 1996 in Kawempe, Kampala where he also had his primary and secondary studies in his home town, Kawempe.

Rise to the music scene

In 2015, Fik Fameica dropped out of high school to pursue music. The first single he released was Pistol, a cover by a West African artist called Fest Skunk. The song was very well received and made rounds on radio stations and in night clubs.

Being an upcoming and young artist, Fik Fameica never made the video for Pistol in time. It was later on that a Frank Jah, a popular video producer and director approached Fik Fameica with an offer. Frank Jah produced the video for Pistol at half the price to help the young artist reach TV. The video came late but was also well received.

After the Pistol video, Fameica continued releasing music in 2016. Among his 2016 singles were Mbega Wa Baala, Mutuwulira, and Byenyenya which propelled him to more lime light in 2017. Fik graced all major music events in 2017 including Buzz Teenz Awards and others.

By 2018 the rapper had become some of the most selling artist in Uganda and this got him more collaborations and deals with companies.

Fik Fameica Awards

In 2018, Fik Fameica won the following awards at the Buzz Teeniez Awards

  1. Teeniez Male Artist of the Year
  2. Teeniez Hottest Hip Hop Song : Mafia
  3. Teeniez Top Hood Rapper

Fik Fameica Discography

Pistol 2015
Mbega Wa Baala 2016
Mutuwulira 2016
Byenyenya 2017
Mafia 2017
Kutama 2018
Property 2018
Tubikole (Ft. Vinka) 2018
Movie (Ft Feffe Busi & Tip Swizzy) 2018
Sconto 2018
Tonsukuma 2018
Born To Win 2018
Am Different 2019
Born Apetit 2019
Instrumental 2019

Fik Fameica Photo Gallery

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